AX 001 – Our Variation of CREED AVENTUS for MEN Fragrance Physique Oil Focus Critiques

AX 001 – Our Version of CREED AVENTUS for MEN Perfume Body Oil Concentrate

AX 001 - Our Version of CREED AVENTUS for MEN Perfume Body Oil Concentrate

  • Creed AVENTUS for Men Pure Perfume TYPE Oil – Roller Bottle
  • 10ml / .33 Oz Clear Roll On Glass Bottle
  • 100% Pure Uncut Perfume Oil. Can be Diluted to Create Your Own Fragrance Collection, Massage Oils, Etc.
  • Alcohol Free Concentrated Perfume Oil – LONG LASTING

Concentrated perfume oils are very strong, differing from the EDP, EDT and Cologne concentrations. If this is your first time using pure oils and you find it too strong, we recommend using a perfumer’s mixing solvent/diluent to easily lower the fragrance strength to your individual liking, while at the same time maintaining the accord notes and scent harmony.

*Creed Aventus Type* Fragrance Family Perfume Oil. This parfum oil is 100% pure, skin-safe and ready for use. You’re getting the highest quality of pure perfume oil that is alcohol free and guaranteed to last you all day.
What is a Perfume Type Oil?
All fragrances regardless of brand belong to a fragrance family (i.e. Floral, Oriental, Woody, Fresh, etc.). A Perfume Type Oil, is a blend of pure, concentrated essential perfume oils that belong to the same family of scents as the subject brandname fragrance. Since it doesn’t contain added alcohol or water, is not an EDT or an EDP; instead it’s a pure parfum oil blend of the same TYPE fragrance family. Parfum Oils are not knockoffs, copies or replications (that’s_illegal) of original brand fragrances. They’re blends of pure essential oils of the same TYPE fragrance that it is different, but yet belong to the same fragrance family.
*DISCLAIMER: This fragrance oil is NOT a Duplicate_Copy_Knockoff_Replica of the same the designer’s original product. It is a different product belonging to the same family of scents. The designer’s name may be used to give the customer an idea of what Fragrance Family the perfume oil belongs to. It’s not intended, in any way, to mislead buyers into believing that it’s the original namebrand fragrance, and it is not intended to infringe on the manufacturers/designer’s Trademark. Brandnames and Fragrance_Copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers/Designers

List Price: $ 7.38

Price: $ 7.38

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